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D.Cicero Motorsports provides unsurpassed professional coaching from real professional racing drivers. D.Cicero Motorsports is the new standard in driver coaching and development. The program is designed to take your performance on and off the track to the next level. It is only for the serious racer who wants to get the most out of themselves and to improve every weekend. Our coaches work very hard to ensure that the driver is continually learning and improving. The coach also expects  and demands that the driver has the same mindset. This course of action makes for an intense day at the track. 

Training can take place at any track in the world both virtually or in person.  Our coaches have a wide range of knowledge of numerous facilities around the world.  We have partnered with Maher Solutions in Hillsboro, Oregon to offer our students the most advanced racing simulators that create live data that can be cross referenced with real on track data.   


Virtually or on track

Pro-Driving / Coaching

I am a top-performing Racer and Engineer with Public Relations and Communications background seeking to bring expertise to the table in pursuit of a compelling and challenging strategic driving position with a professional team as a driver, coach and spokesperson. 

I bring a strong expertise in media relations, communications, website development, social media, sales and proactively seek ways to increase company profits. I have lived and competed professionally abroad 6+ years throughout EU and Asia. I am highly accomplished in building brands while acting as a company spokesperson and developing objective goals that bring projects and events to completion for national and international ventures.

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